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Career Success Counseling, Consulting, & Coaching

Effective career success counseling, consulting and coaching helps you discover your true career passions and interests, explore opportunities that match your interests, and develop and implement an action plan to achieve your goals.  It also provides an opportunity to work with your Career Success Counselor / Coach to develop a strategies to successfully deal with issues related to your career, work and life.


We are constantly changing. Who we are today is not who we were last year, therefore we should constantly self-assess to make sure we are clear on who we are and what is our path to success.  Self-assessment is a great way to determine ones interests, skills, values, strength, weaknesses and personality style and their relationship to our career development. It can help you discover your hidden skills, determine your passions and interests, and highlight your talents. Career Success Group offers a number of career assessments that can be help in the process. After completing the assessment a Career Success  Counselor will review it with you and help you determine the right path to pursue.

Career Exploration

Career exploration is an essential component of your career and job search.  The process involves gathering key information from various sources to help you evaluate particular jobs and career fields. The benefits of career exploration is to help you identify the career and job that is right for you.

Self-Marketing Tools Development

In a competitive job market we know that only targeted resumes, cover letters and other self-marketing materials get results and win interviews. Generic or general resumes and cover letters rarely get past the initial review of employers human and computerized resume scanners.  Our experts help our clients win interviews and eventually jobs in various career fields in the private, government and non-profit sectors with our unique and proven strategies. Our team has over a hundred years combined experience working in career counseling/coaching, resume development, human resources, recruitment, hiring and management. We know how to help you target your resume and other self-marketing materials to win the interview.

Job Search Assistance

There is no one place to find the jobs you are interested in and targeting. Many times you unsure of where to start an effective and thorough job search. Sometimes the obvious places do not yield the results you are looking for in positions that match you and your search criteria. A good job search can be very time consuming so you want to make sure you are not wasting time.  We can help! Based on your career interests, passions and the criteria you set, we will research and provide you the right information and resources to find the job that is a match for you.

International Job Search Assistance

There are career and job opportunities all over the world from Africa to Europe to Asia to North/South America. A growing number of companies and organizations are becoming international or multi-national as the number of opportunities to work abroad increases. These opportunities exist in almost every career field including business, education, computers, communications and media, police and security, medicine, relief, development and more. Most people who want to work internationally have an idea of what region they want to work in, but the key is finding out how to make this a reality. We can help!

Interview Preparation

Do you have an interview coming up? Is it the job you really want? If so, the key to you winning the interview is being prepared with information about the organization and its activities. Knowing how to present and sell yourself, what questions will be asked, how to answer them and what key questions to ask the interviewer(s) are critical steps in preparing for the interview. We help you prepare for interview success by providing a range of services, including: Interview Preparation Consultation, Organization Intelligence & Industry Research, Mock & Video Interview Preparation. Our preparation will give you the confidence, tools and skills you need to win the interview and the job you want.

Salary Evaluations & Negotiations

You received the great news that you won the job, now it is time to evaluate what you are worth and how much you will be compensated. This is one of the most important decisions you will make in your job search and should be taken very seriously. We can assist you in gathering intelligence on your career field, job, company, region, salary range and other data and also assist you with the salary negotiation process to make sure you receive the salary you are worth.

Image Consulting

If you are in the job market, marketing the brand called “You”, how that brand is packaged and presented can determine how successful you are in obtaining the job. Most professionals recognize and understand your overall appearance and how you present yourself does make a difference.  The first impression is a lasting impression and more often than not you don't get a second chance.  Our career  consultants are experts in helping clients develop an image. 

Starting You Own Business - Entrepreneurship

People who start businesses are those who provide needed and wanted products and services, spawn innovation and develop new jobs. There are many types of entrepreneurs. Some take the risk of being full-time business owners while others look for opportunities that will provide them supplemental income. If owning your own business and being your own boss has always been your dream then we can help.

Career Success Management

After you get the job the next step is making sure you manage it correctly. To achieve success and continue to move upward you need to make the right moves, connect with the right people, gather the right information and make the right decisions. Many times you need someone to talk to, coach and guide you in the right direction. Our consultants at the Career Success Group have years of experience helping clients make the right career decisions and develop strategies, tools and resources that will propel them to the top. We not only help you, we become partners in the process.

Government Career Services

The U.S. government is one of the largest employers in the world employing nearly 3 million people and hiring thousands each year. State, County and Local governments also hire on a regular basis.  The government job search is different when it comes to applying for positions in the government. Federal Resumes, KSAs, ECQs and other materials are used to apply for government jobs. Whether you want to get a government job or currently work for government and want to target new positions, we are the experts on government job and can definitely help!

Military & Veterans

Your military career is nearly complete and you have served with honor. Having served in the Armed Forces, you are preparing to trade in your fatigues for civilian work clothes.  Although many employers appreciate your service and sacrifice sometimes transition is difficult. For those who are now veterans your military and civilian experience give you a competitive edge over others in the job market but many do not know how to best utilize it for success. Many employers are looking for the characteristics, qualifications, and skills you possess because of your military experience.  We can help you successfully navigate and win the job search whether you about get out or have already left the service and are looking for new opportunities.

Security Clearance Consulting

With today’s climate of terrorism and the threats to the national security of the United States being a major concern more jobs are being created in the field of national and homeland security. If you want to work for any agency or contractor in this sector you need a security clearance. We provide confidential consulting for individuals preparing for work in the field of national and homeland security as well those who have had problems with their security clearance process. If you have been denied or had problems getting a clearance, had a conditional offer withdrawn, had problems with a polygraph, or had problems with your periodic re-investigation we provide confidential consulting to discuss your situation and provide recommendations or solutions.

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